Perspective of Smart Fruit Growing


Agriculture has seen many revolutions and we guess that it is undergoing a fourth revolution triggered by the exponentially increasing use of information and communication technology (ICT) in agriculture.

Robots are replacing human workers at a faster pace than any other point in history. Most of these robots are in factories, but a new kind of mechanized worker has hit apple orchards. Harvesting of apples autonomously based on colour and size is already possible. There are already tractors that are capable of mowing and spraying your entire orchard (and it will even send you a message to refill the vat or fuel tank as needed). Computer vision, where a computer is programmed or taught to identify objects based on size, colour, shape or any almost any other characteristic to provide measurements, already exists.

In recent years, there were many innovations in fruit growing, we also heard of various sensors, drones, satellite imagery and applications for smart devices, which together work to produce only the best, and with less risk.


These tools will help productivity, profitability, and sustainability for farms of all sizes. New technologies help farmers grow more efficiently, and they help provide the rest of us with tasty, nutritious, affordable food.

Based on location, and thanks to satellites, digital technology can monitor the weather, rainfall, sun hours, as well as the vegetative mass of your orchard. There are already applications that perform their calculations on the basis of these data. MapMyApple, a mobile phone application, is specially designed for apple growers. It gives daily recommendations for agro-measures on the basis of these data and the knowledge and experience of the world's most eminent apple growing experts. Through this application you can control the most important stages of production of apples and align them with environmental factors and meteorological-climatic conditions effortlessly. We can say that it covers all the key points in apple production.

In the end we have to agree about one thing - no technology can do the job instead of fruit growers, but it can help him significantly to be faster, more accurate and more productive. Investments in agricultural machines, infrastructure and know how contribute to better conditions of work, better efficiency and profitability. That’s why we’re working with technology experts worldwide to develop, test, and roll out new ways to take farms digital.