Key points in apple production

How important agro-measures are?

Without the application of agro-technical measures at the right time, good quality and yield can not be expected. However, fruit growers face one serious problem. Although there are key periods in the vegetative cycle of apples during which agro measures should be taken, this doesn't mean that they are carried out only then. 

The apple requires 16 micro and macro nutrients, and of course water and light should be added to this. Intensive production simply requires constant adjustment-optimization of production conditions. 

The fundamental problem for fruit growers is of organizational nature. The number of factors that affect the quality and fertility of fruits is huge, very often independent of man, and it is extremely difficult to regularly monitor and predict everything. 

The technology can make every day in orchard more efficient.



The technology can make it easier to calculate optimal consumption of basic elements that are necessary for proper fertilization. 

It is known how much nutrients the plants need, and on the basis of its size and vegetative mass, it can be calculated how much of nutrients should be spent in the season. Chemical soil analysis can give us initial information on what we are dealing with. But it is necessary to perform calculations so that the application of measurements give optimal results. If we run these calculations manually, we will just be wasting time. 

MapMyApple provides fertilization plan (recommended preparations and their quantities) based on previously calculated amounts of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium and magnesium. 



When the water regime is concerned, digital technology can, based on the vegetative mass of trees, calculate in the short term how much water the plants need for optimum development. In addition, thanks to the internet, availability of data, satellite monitoring of weather conditions, irrigation can be fully adjusted to the amount of precipitation, sunshine and even wind, and the adjustment can be done on a daily basis.. 

According to expected precipitation and average daily temperatures, MapMyApple proposes daily irrigation plan.



Even the appearance and protection against pests can be improved by the use of digital technologies. The onset of disease and pests are significantly affected by climatic conditions. It is not a question of whether it will appear, but the probability that certain diseases and pests will occur, according to existing weather conditions. 

MapMyApple advises how to deal with pests and diseases. Plan includes the products and quantities to be applied, through the spraying plan.