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About Us





FreshAgricultureTechnologies Inc. is agtech company whose aim is to make worldwide expert’s knowledge and technology in fruit growing available for all fruit growers.

Driven by beliefs that agronomy knowledge and technology support must be available to all apple growers worldwide, we built knowledge-based software solution MapMyApple that help all apple growers to:

  • use worldwide expert’s knowledge in the field of fruit growing

  • save time for making a production strategy for higher yields achievements by using modern technology in agriculture that can record, keep and plan every day works in the orchard

  • react on time by warning growers what to do to avoid pests, diseases, bad weather conditions or dry fields



FreshAgricultureCompany is established in 2018. Our company is supported by private angel investors who have recognized our company vision and wanted to participate in disrupting the way fruit is produced. Since the foundation, we have developed our software solution in three languages, expended our market and we are planning to increase even more and make our technology accessible to all apple growers worldwide.

Meet the team

David Blazevski,

Chief Executive Officer

Mihajlo Milenkovic,

Customer Operations Officer

Jovana Djordjic,

Marketing Director

Vuk Ivanovic,

Software Developer

Milos Zinajic,

Software Developer

Stefan Manja,

Tree Fruit Specialist with background in IT

Nevena Brdaric,

Marketing Assistant