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MapMyApple is a mobile phone application that uses horticultural experts knowledge, data from the orchard and machine learning technology to convert those data to optimal daily growing plans for any apple variety.

MapMyApple is created for the purpose of better apple-growing whether you have small, medium or large-sized apple orchards.


MapMyApple is a powerful solution on the palm of your hand if your goal is to achieve superior quality and yield, increase productivity and reduce costs.



Reduce risk of pest and disease 
  • Prediction and early detection

  • Prevention through personalized agro-technical measures


Get recommendations on how to grow apples
  • Daily updated growing plans (irrigation, fertigation, spraying, other works)

  • Yield estimation and harvest date estimation


Achieve higher yield and apple quality
  • Highly precise crop load management

  • Optimal plant nutrition


Our Expert Knowledge

To provide accurate growing plans MapMyApple team works with horticultural experts with over 25 years of experience, professors, consultants and apple growers whose knowledge is embedded in the application

Your Orchard Data

Every user gets custom made daily plans for his orchard. The personalization of the plans varies depending on simple information, like apple variety, age of planting, number of fruits and tree thickness as well as soil composition, substrate type, irrigation system, acidity. You enter data manually in the app. Also, integration with our sensor enables the easier collection of data.

Machine Learning Technology

MapMyApple uses real-time and historical data about your activities in orchard along with machine learning technology we have developed. It's a set of pest and disease prediction models and specific algorithms designed in order to help you to get the most out of orchard potentials


Integration with our sensor station

solar powered

can work up to 1 month without sunlight

cloud services (data aggregation and data base)

easy to install

2 years warranty


Michael, Apple Grower

from Washington

MapMyApple keeps all my orchard data on mobile phone and saves my time planning daily work activities in the orchard


Delta Agrar Company, leader in apple growing

from Serbia

Coping with variations of conditions can be overwhelming in big orchard systems. We needed technology solution that provides accurate information at every moment to control activities in orchard or get precise warnings to react on time! 

Omer, Apple Grower

from Turkey

Finally there is an affordable but reliable solution for agro advices and since it is on a mobile phone it is easy to access it in one click

Join thousands of satisfied apple growers 

1K+ downloads


You choose package, we provide smart solution!


MapMyApple app:

  • Custom made daily plans for irrigation, fertigation, and protection

  • Disease and pest detection

  • NDVI satellite images

  • 30 days free trial



Monthly Subscription

Hardware and Software

Solar Station with:​

  • Leaf Wetness Sensor

  • Soil Moisture Sensor

  • Temperature Sensor

  • Air Humidity Sensor

MapMyApple app

  • Integration with a solar station

  • Custom made daily plans for irrigation, fertigation, and protection

  • Disease and pest detection

  • NDVI satellite images

  • 30 days free trial


€1400 for station + 25€

app monthly subscription